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While trying to find whatever music to play on my radio show.
I accidentally found this artist on this site and when I listened to this album.
I was blown away by the music!
This is the British artist Kelly Lee Owens with her self-titled debut album.
Heare is the details:
An album that bridges the gaps between cavernous techno, spectral pop, and krautrock’s mechanical pulse, the 27­ year ­old Londoner has made a debut album brimming with exploratory wonder, establishing a personal aesthetic that is as beguiling as it is thrillingly familiar.
With the popularity of EDM from the likes of The xx, Austra and Grimes.
This album is a mix of dreamy electronic sounds to hard-pulse electronic dance beats.
The standout track is Anxi which features Jenny Hval.
I call her the British version of Jessy Lanza, Caribou, Blue Hawaii and Austra mixed into one!
This one of the surprising albums to check out in 2017!

Best tracks:

  • S.O
  • Anxi feat. Jenny Hval
  • Lucid
  • Evolution
  • Throwing Lines
  • Keep Walking

I’d give this album: