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There was a time I used to listen to CBC Radio 3 and they usually play Prairie Cat’s music.
With it’s upbeat cheery mellow pop music that reminds me of a happy Jose Gonzalez.
Anyways Prairie Cat has a new album coming out called “Is Cary Pratt” dropping on June 9th via Fuzzy Logics Recordings.
Here are the details about the album:
Much of the subject matter for the latest album came from a grizzly discovery while on vacation in Hawaii. On his first day of touring the powder white beaches, Cary found an idyllic spot for the day’s sun and sand; that is, until something bobbing in the water caught his eye. Even through the blinding sunlight was reflecting off the surf, Cary could sense trouble on the horizon. Not until the ambulance had pulled away did the gravity of the situation sink in. “Finding a body definitely changes the record you were planning on making” says Pratt of his most introspective record to date.

His first new single “Leave a Note” was penned directly from this experience as Prairie Cat found a new, more urgent purpose: to say what’s on his mind and not hold back. Hear this and much more on Is Cary Pratt. As Pratt says, “Life is short, so be yourself!”
Here is the music video.
If you don’t want to want to see the whole thing it is basically killing the radio.
Doesn’t breaking things feel so good?