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Yay! My “favorite” artist returns with a new album!
I’m talking about Timber Timbre‘s Sincerely, Future Pollution.
This is the sixth album and it is an 180 to synth rock/pop from what are used to with the typical gothic folk rock.
To be honest I don’t feel connected to this record like I have with Hot Dreams from it’s steamy sleazy feel from it’s title track to the trip-hop vibe of The New Tomorrow.
The only redeeming thing is the drumming of Olivier Fairfield.
Remember talking to Boyhood last year that she heard some of the new material and how it was going to blow your mind.
Mentioning how one track sounded like Stevie Wonder, that happens to be the song Grifting.
It is kind of funky lit track and get you groovin’.
Overall I feel this album is mix between Dirty Beaches and Scattered Clouds and TOPS.
Think of this as a beautiful toxic dream to what Taylor’s future of the world will be visioned.

Best tracks:

  • Velvet Gloves & Spit
  • Grifting
  • Moments
  • Sewer Blues
  • Sincerely, Future Pollution

I’d give this album: