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Bonnie Doon‘s Leslie Marshall is almost an accomplished filmmaker.
They need help to achieve the “Perfect Look and Sound” for their second short video, “Murder at the Circus!”
Details about the film:

Murder…at the Circus! is a modern take on the old silent horror film.
Told through vivid colour, and a lush soundscape, the film peeps into the melancholic world of a travelling circus.
After months on the road, the drudgery of circus living is turned on its head one fateful night, when an eerie presence starts to meddle with the show!
There is murder no doubt, but who is killer?
And furthermore, is it a crime!?

In a film that hinges on its atmosphere, your support will allow them to devote their time needed for detailed colour correction and sound editing to make their film as spooky and hypnotizing as possible!
Please pledge to their Indigogo Campaign!? Their goal is $700!