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This literally gave me chills down my spine hearing t!
Afer last year’s epic orchestra classical album Sorrow a reimagining of Gorecki’s 3rd Symphony.
Now this year Colin Stetson is bringing back to the basics of experimental bass saxophone music with his upcoming album “All this I do for glory”, to be released April 28th 2017 via 52HZ.

Colin Stetson is back with a brand new album titled All This I Do For Glory. The LP is a reasoning and exploration of the machinations of ambition and legacy, an examination of the concepts of afterlife, and the first half of a doomed love story in the model of the Greek tragedies. As a narrative, it exists temporally somewhere between 2015’s Never Were The Way She Was (with Sarah Neufeld) and the 1st volume of the NHW Trilogy.

“Spindrift” is the first single to be released alongside a special live video which shows Stetson in action. The song is crystalline and serene and calls to mind the ambient works of Aphex Twin.