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So 2017 has started with a big bang with the release of The xx‘s third album called I See You.
I have to say this is a step up from their last album Coexist which felt minimal, spacious and cold.
I See You is the exact opposite which is more upbeat, vibrant and sample driven.
Probably due to Jamie xx who went on his own with 2015’s In Colour (My favorite album that he has produced).
You can tell that parts of In Colour seeped in I See You.
While they can’t achieve the overwhelming success from their debut xx.
This is a great welcome back for the band.

Best tracks:

  • Dangerous
  • Say Something Loving
  • A Violent Noise
  • Replica
  • Brave For You
  • On Hold
  • I Dare You

I’d give I See You: