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Her Harbour @ Megaphono 2016

Megaphono performance from 2016.

Haunting piano song by Her Harbour called Chime and Knell.
It is second track from the second full length album ‘Go Gently Into the Night’ out on E-Tron Records February 3rd 2017.

“Chime and Knell” is about the juxtaposition of life and death in the spring. I began writing it in the last stretches of the winter, when the snow was first melting and the dormant land was beginning to thaw. In a season that had always seemed abundant with life, I felt haunted by death; I saw it in the landscape and everything that surrounded me. I ultimately found peace in understanding the importance of loss to life renewing itself and hoped to convey that sentiment with “Chime and Knell”.

Reminder that Her Harbour will be performing at Megaphono on February 3, 2017.
Details are on here.