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The Wooden Sky Annual Holiday Revue Show 2016
Toronto’s The Wooden Sky will release their new album Swimming in Strange Waters on April 7, 2017 via Nevado Records.
The leading single is Swimming In Strange Waters.
Have a listen to the powerful track.

Here is what the lead singer Gavin Bradley says about the song.
‘Swimming in Strange Waters’ is not the first time I’ve written about this matter, probably not the last either. It’s difficult, in part because it didn’t happen directly to me, but in talking about it through the years I can see how it continues to effect everyone who has in one way or another come in contact with it.
In speaking with my family we felt, however difficult it may be, it was important to share some of our story in hopes that through conversation we might be able to help ourselves and others that have or are going through something similar.
When my Grandfather died I didn’t go to his funeral, I didn’t feel relief I just felt angry. I was angry at myself for not going, I was angry at myself for not confronting him and I was angry at myself for not finding forgiveness the way it seemed so many others had.
The song follows the struggle many of us go through to try and make sense of painful events that happen in our lives. Sometimes it seems overwhelming. Looking back, I see that a lot of the times I ran, hid behind a microphone where though it seemed like a raw open place it was really just another shield.
For me the song culminates in it’s mantra ‘Let every living thing shine it’s light on every living thing.’ A mantra that I hope reads we have a responsibility to one another to show love and understanding as it may be the only thing that can carry us through.
– Gavin