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He’s back!
Kid Koala announces Music To Draw To: Satellite, an ambient electronic record featuring vocals by Icelandic singer Emilíana Torrini.
The album comes out on January 20, 2017.

Here are the details from the album:

“‘Music To Draw To’ started as a winter time creative event. We have been hosting this event now for several years in Montreal and other cities. I would play records I enjoy drawing to, often music that was too slow or quiet to play in a dancefloor situation. People are invited to come work on their own projects at the event. Over the last few winters, I started incorporating other instruments into the mix to create live ambient pieces during the night. A lot of these experiments would become templates for this recording.”

Now, Kid Koala’s “work-zone” mass-creativity events and his “quiet-time” compositions combine in gentle yet icy synergy, creating a new intersection for his inventive musical storytelling. An otherworldly departure from the dense sonic patchwork of his earlier releases, Music To Draw To: Satellite is in stark, beautiful comparison an ambient masterpiece: over 72 minutes of stardust settling over Kid Koala’s trove of turntables and sentiment.