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Montreal singer Andrew Johnston dropped his single called Dictator.
If you are in a folky rock mood, listen to this track that is from the album The New Great Game.

Here is the info about the song:
Dictator was selected from the Murray Lightburn (The Dears) produced sessions for my next record “The New Great Game”.
When I first started to work on “Dictator” it was much more of an on-the-nose political type song. That’s a really hard thing to pull off well, and Murray really encouraged me to go back to the drawing board with the lyrics and make them more personal and from the heart. As it stands now the track may have been inspired by political stuff but seems to be more about how we can all be our own worst critics. I guess it’s about being your own worst enemy, and trying to free yourself from that.
It’s an uptempo track that falls within the tradition of songs that manage to pair dark subject matter within the trappings of a catchy song.

Don’t forget to check him out at Kafe 1870 in Wakefield QC on November 26th and Shanghai Restaurant in Ottawa on November 27th