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Lewis Fieldhouse is a British singer/songwriter and producer.
He did a kickstarter campaign to release his long awaited debut album called Theodor Washington and the Central Valley.
That album drops on December 2, 2016.
Check out and listen to the two singles from the album.

About ‘Naked Psychopathic Blues’
“She said I loved you in the worst kind of way / With a hunter’s pride she thinks you’re my trophy wife” snarls Fieldhouse as he presents to us the solipsistic world of an emotionally abusive narcissist attempting to maintain an adult relationship. With a writer’s eye, he observes the ambivalence of a twisted personality whilst cleverly maintaining that dichotomy in the music which is both a tumble into nightmare and a dizzying quest for pop gratification.

About ‘He Hath Made You Rich’
Caramelised R&B melodies and a Jeff Buckley approach to sparse, minimal, but wide open arrangements, ‘He Hath Made You Rich’ is Lewis bending the well-worn love song genre to his own experience and crafting something unmistakably fresh. His tender falsetto sounds like an alto sax as the arrangement expands into something that holds a candle to Tom Petty’s ‘Free Falling’.