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If you are in the mood for electronic/dance music.
Check out Kite Base who are a two-piece band consisting of bass guitarists Ayse Hassan (Savages) and Kendra Frost, have shared the Gergely Wootsch directed video to latest single

Soothe is an animated clip about ‘origami dreams’ of a sleepless night. The song being about insomnia, Kite Base was excited to create a clip featuring themselves and various other nocturnal paper creatures. The look is based on the simple geometric forms of origami and the constant beat of the song that led the framing and visuals to be guided by altering shapes. The clip is a collage of live-action elements, computer rendered sets and printed and re-scanned image sequences with abstractions, flickering forms and lights: hopefully not entirely unlike being half-awake on the shores of paper-dreaming.