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photo credit: Chris Borges

photo credit: Chris Borges

Anything that Buzz Records puts out can be great, right?
This band I am intrigued is Casper Skulls.
The members are Neil Bednis, Fraser McClean, Melanie Gail St-Pierre and Chris Anthony.
They dropped a lo-fi punk rocking single called Devotion from their upcoming debut EP called Lips & Skull out October 28th.

About the song Devotion:
As the EP’s first single and lead off track, “Devotion” sets the tone for the release, introducing the band at their taut and kinetic best, and illustrating their dynamic range, building tension in between eruptions of the track’s thunderous hook, while exploring for the first time in their recorded material, the interplay between Bednis and the band’s other vocalist Melanie St-Pierre.

Bednis has said that the EP is thematically focused on “the duality of man, both in outward relationships and in relation to himself,” a theme present in the single’s lyrics, a meditation on devotion as it’s manifested across a broad spectrum of human experience.

“The song traces devotion from its most humble form (devotion to a sports team or a coffee shop) all the way to an American state’s devotion to follow through with capital punishment,” he tells FADER. “I meant to explore the beauty of being devoted to something but also what devotion could look like when it is driven by ego, ignorance or hatred.”