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Oklahoma born, LA based Amy Kuney is taking it two steps further. For the next three months starting on August 16th, Kuney will be releasing one single per month to give listeners a taste of her gorgeous voice and beautifully emotional songs. The first single, Where I Can’t Follow, is a heart wrenching song that perfectly showcases Kuney’s talent as a singer and songwriter. Check it out here.

While her roots lie in the U.S., Kuney has been getting a lot of love north of the border. Her song Gasoline Rainbows hit #1 on the Canadian Rock charts after its release as the title track of a benefit album for the Gulf oil spill of 2010. This album featured Kuney alongside Phoenix, The Black Keys, The National, and many others. The song was subsequently featured on a recent episode of So You Think You Can Dance Canada. Check out the video from SYTYCDC here.

Kuney’s musical and charitable inclination comes from a place far deeper than most people can credit. At the age of 13, her world was turned on its side when her father was called to be a missionary in Honduras. She moved with her father and her family to the impoverished country that was in the process of recovering from a hurricane. On top of dealing with the typical issues that a young teenager struggles with, she slipped into culture shock as the poverty, disease, and the idea that human life isn’t so precious in other parts of the world slowly seeped in. She struggled with the new language and had a hard time making friends, but made the best of her situation. Four years after the move, Kuney’s world was rocked again and an incident occurred that would change her forever. On a sightseeing trip in Guatemala, rebels hijacked her tour van and Kuney along with fellow missionary kids were held hostage, unsure of whether they would survive or not. Though they were rescued, a dear friend died trying to protect them. Her dream of becoming an artist was sparked then and she promised that she would take hold of her second chance at life and pursue her dream.

Since then, Kuney hasn’t wasted any time in making that dream come to fruition. She has been recording music and touring from coast to coast, sharing the stage with Damien Rice, Kate Voegele, Gavin Rossdale, Jason Reeves, and The Veronicas among others. She has locked herself away for the past few months, writing and co-producing new music.

Be sure to keep your ears perked up for her upcoming singles and a taste of what’s to follow!