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Going to alot of live shows, I like to protect my hearing for dear life.
I don’t want to be become those old folks who goes “What! What!”.
Also you might feel awkward wearing the foam fluorescent color earplugs.
Anyways I got this email for this product called EarPeace.
It is a silicone earplugs, but instead used to reduce volume while maintaining sound fidelity completely, ultimately improving the user nightlife/concert experience.
I got my package in the mail two weeks ago.
So far I’ve been to two live shows and tried them out.

The first one was at the Basia Bulat and Josh Ritter show on October 25, 2010.
At first I had trouble putting them on.
I guess my ears can’t properly fit on them.
When the show started, it wasn’t too loud.
Probably because Basia Bulat’s music is very low and soft.
During Josh Ritter’s set, it worked really well.
There were times on my right ear, it was kind of itchy.
Overall the Earpeace worked at that show.

The second show was the Wooden Sky, Yukon Blonde and The Amalgamation show on October 27, 2010.
I was near the stage since I need to take some shots for my site.
The first band played and it was loud.
With the Earpeace it felt too loud on them.
So I had to switch back to my molding silicone earplugs.

Overall Earpeace is good to put on when you want to be discreet.
But I still had problems fitting them on my ears.
It does come in a cool red metal case.
I am not sure if you need to be at a certain distance from where the sound is to protect your hearing.

Its still a great product.
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