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This is my 200th post and I will do a review on this album.
It was going to be a review of a show I went to last night but it will follow this.
After seeing an interesting show on May 23, 2009.
I was one of five lucky people to purchase Tune-Yards album on vinyl.
I finally downloaded the album through the site and got a chance to listen to this album.
Read that the album got picked up by a better label which we won’t know the name until the album is re-released.

If you don’t know Tune-Yards is solo side project  of Merrill Garbus who is in the band Sister Suvi.

Besides Pitchfork giving it a 6.8 (Boo on them).
I actually really enjoyed this album.
Very different listening to the album, you see her live when she kind of screams and whails.
A unique experimental lo-fi album.
Merrill’s vocals reminds me of some 1960s soul singer a-la Nina Simone.
It’s sort of like hearing a journey to her home.
Part experimental folky and part alternative.
Parts in the album which just makes me want to dance with the fun beats she incorporates into it.

If you want something unconventional, this the album you should get.

Best tracks on the album:

  • Sunlight
  • Hatari
  • Jamaican
  • Little Tiger
  • Safety
  • Fiya

Tune-Yards got signed to 4AD and the album is available on iTunes or any music shops near you.

Bird-Brains get:
/ 10