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When I think of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, it will be their breakout hit song Gold Lion.
Its been about three years since their last studio album.
March 9th, 2009 was the release date.

Wasn’t until I saw the music video for ZERO.
I was like surprised to how they changed their style.
Hearing the leading single, its a electro-dance track.
Reminds me of how Metric should have sound like.
I actually like this song since its very fun to listen and dance.

I would have to say Zero and Heads Will Roll are the only tracks that has that electro-dance rock sound.
Heads Will Roll I have to say, they must have sampled that U2’s guitar riff.
The rest of the album goes back into the alternative-rock with abit of new wave.

With the deluxe edition there are acoustic tracks.
Which sort of goes back into old Yeah Yeah Yeahs sound.

I am surprised with how they have evolved with their music.
Have to say one of the best albums of 2009 at the moment.

Best tracks:

  • Zero
  • Heads Will Roll
  • Skeleton
  • Dull Life
  • Runaway
  • Hysteric
  • Little Shadow
  • Faces (Bonus track on iTunes)

I’d give It’s Blitz: